ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clamps – Quality Assured

Clamps are used in a variety of industries and contexts to hold things together. There are clamping devices that are used to fasten other things together, but clamps are used to hold things in place all by themselves. Clamps are a great way to quickly secure items that need to stay in place, or to keep them secure temporarily.

Stainless steel 316 clamps are frequently used in applications where extreme weather conditions and corrosive environments. This implies coastal areas, offshore installations and chemical plants. Ss 316 is the ideal material used on boats, yachts and fishing industry.

stainless steel 316 clamps

What is a clamp?

A clamp is a mechanical device or device that does not have a moving part, and is used to hold two objects together by applying pressure, usually by clamping them together with some form of clamping device. The pressure clamps the components together and serves to hold them in place.

The device that holds the component in place can be an adjustable hand lever, an auto-tensioning device, a locking device or a dovetail. The clamp can be used to hold other things together in a similar way.

These are commonly known as mechanical fasteners or mechanical clamps. Some might also refer to these as mechanical fasteners or mechanical fastening devices.

Our Stainless Steel 316 clamps are also ISO 9001:2015 certified. This way we guarantee the quality of every clamp we deliver.


Advantages of using ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clamps

Clamps are good because they allow you to secure a workpiece in place while keeping it free to move. This is particularly useful for workpieces that you might be using in a repetitive way over time. You can clamp it down and then continue to use the workpiece without worrying about it moving around. Even in tough conditions, like in coastal areas, offshore installations and chemical plants, our stainless steel 316 clamps assure the best quality.

Disadvantages of using clamps

Some people do not like to use clamps because of the way they look or the fact that they are taking up space. It is a common misconception that clamps are only for holding parts in place, but there are also other clamping options. For example, you can use a vise to clamp a workpiece down, or you can use a clamping device such as a C-clamp, V-block, or pipe clamp.

Fasteners for boat deck fittings stainless steel A4 316


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clamps in Stainless Steel 316 are a great way to hold things together temporarily and in tough (weather) conditions, but there are other options that might be more suitable in certain circumstances. The above information should help you choose the best option depending on your needs.

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