Yes, we can offer alternatives to the stainless steel 316 locks following part number.

minimum order value = 2000 euros

brand Partnumber
Southco M1-15-61-8
Southco A7-10-3TL-F
Southco A7-10-3TL-F
EMKA 1000-U664
EMKA 1000-U10-PH
EMKA 1000-U658
EMKA 1000-U658
EMKA 1000-U860
EMKA 1000-U854-PH
EMKA 1000-U855-PH
EMKA 1000-U864-PH
EMKA 1000-U853-PH
EMKA 1000-U859-PH
EMKA 1000-U852-PH
EMKA 1000-U838-01
EMKA 1000-U665
EMKA 1000-U150-PH
EMKA 1000-U429-01PH
Dirak 1-117 series
EMKA 1000-U431-PF
Southco E5-6-HF-R0
Southco E5-6-HF-R0
Southco CM-6-HS4R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS5R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS6R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS7R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS8R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS9R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS10R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS11R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS12R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS13R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS14R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS15R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS16R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS17R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS18R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS19R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS20R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS21R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS22R-NUB
Southco CM-6-HS23R-NUB
Southco E3-123
Southco E3-293
Southco E3-124
Southco E3-294
Southco E3-12
Southco E3-14
Southco E3-222
Southco E3-223
Southco E3-224
EMKA 1000-U7
EMKA 1000-U777-01
EMKA 1000-U755-01
EMKA 1091-U142
EMKA 1091-U142-02
EMKA 1056-U5-PH
EMKA 1056-U54-PH
EMKA 1056-U53-PH
EMKA 1056-U9-PH
EMKA 1056-U56-PH
EMKA 1056-U55-PH
EMKA 1056-U59-PH
EMKA 1056-U17-PH
EMKA 1056-U13-PH
EMKA 1056-U58-PH
EMKA 1056-U57-PH
EMKA 1056-U13-PH
EMKA 1054-U5-PH
EMKA 1079-U5-PH
EMKA 1110-U131
EMKA 1110-U132
EMKA 1110-U120-PH
EMKA 1110-U121-PH


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