Lido Key Lock M1-15-61-8


Lido Key Lock M1-15-61-8 is a lock made of stainless steel 316. Lido Key locks contains the best products available on the market.

For more information on A4 alloy stainless steel M1-15-61-8 or other AISI 316 variants, download the catalog at the link below.

The Lido Key Lock M1-15-61-8 includes attractive recessed styling, a recessed handle and concealed fasteners. This gives these “push to close” closures an attractive appearance. In addition, they also have a low profile and small dimensions.

Thanks to their corrosion-resistant construction, they remain functional for a long time, and they keep their good looks. Even in outdoor applications and when using saltwater, sulfuric or nitric acid.

The Lido Key Lock M1-15-61-8 is very easy to install. From the front of the panel, a single round hole allows you to attach the lock from the back with a mounting bracket and hardware. It fits flat on the panel when installed, with minimal bulking inside the cabinet.