Series: Vertical Hold Down Action Toggle Clamp

The S-Clamps Clamp VTC-207-TULB-SS-316 is a Vertical Hold Down Action Toggle Clamp.

Properties of VTC-207-TULB-SS-316

Material Grade Stainless Steel 316

Base Type Straight Base

Spindle Position Gliding Spindle Position

Holding Capacity 70 Kg

Holding Capacity 1500 N

Handle Movement 62 degrees

Bar Movement 115 degrees

Anemo Engineering is offering this part number VTC-207-TULB-SS-316 as Factory New.

S-Clamps part number VTC-207-TULB-SS-316 has Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Conformity, and Certificate of Origin on request.

Dimensions (mm)

A: 124

B: 146.5

C: 40

D: 19.1

E: 6

F: 35.1


H: 104

J: 7.1

K: 78.5

L: 80

M: M8 Bolt

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